Emma Flegg

I have gotten my nails done at many places in Vancouver, new York etc. I have never been so happy with my manicure as I have been with Devotion Nail Spa. Like ECSTATIC. I made a last minute appointment that they so graciously fit me in for, and my tech’s attention to detail was such a pleasure as I am like absolutely psychotic about nail shape, and total precision of paint job. My nails have never looked better and it only cost 35ish dollars when we spent 90 minutes together total, because I had a complete shellac hack job to grind off from a previous tech salon. Please go here, you will not be dissapointed. Ask for ‘Eye’ if you can. She is amazing. Tip big, these guys are the real MVP’S 💅 I get compliments literally every day on my nails and not just because I’m a retired hand model. Elegance is learned my friends.